Ossian was founded in August 2018. It began from a simple desire to see a publication with its own unique slant on what is happening, and what is being made, in the world today.

It is named after the legendary bard Ossian, who was claimed by scholar James Macpherson in the eighteenth century to be the author of a cycle of epic Gaelic poems. Although now generally believed to be a fabrication of Macpherson’s own making, Ossian’s poems gained huge popularity when they were first ‘unearthed.’ This, combined with the heated discussion around their authenticity, made Ossian a literary, political and cultural phenomenon at the very same time.

In the same way we want Ossian, the magazine, to be a catalyst for debate and exchange, bringing diverse cultural forces into contact with one another. To do that we champion long-form works that touch on all subjects and genre, from current affairs to timeless fiction. We know no brow, putting alternative comics on a level footing with ‘serious’ literature – while showing ‘being serious’ does not always require a straight face.

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