Ossian Magazine

The Third

Our third and biggest issue yet. From the starry heights of Chinese science fiction to the depths of Lonar Lake, via Nevil Shute, Cornwall’s clay industry and reflections on dementia, from Edward Sugden, Niyoshi Shah, Jordan Harrison-Twist, Stan Portus and Brett Walsh; new fiction on voracious pregnancy, Jamaican dining and elephant mice, from Lorna Goodison, Jen Calleja and James Robertson; original comics from Bart D’Angelo and Sam Alden; plus a visual essay on lost treasures from photographer Henri Kisielewski.

Released July 2021

The Second

In the second issue, journalists Tony O’Donnell and David Gow set their sights on Europe for a glimpse beyond the immediate malaise in Britain; Suki Ferguson’s short story finds peace and precious stones in a remote cult; Bridget Meyne revels in the despair of her fellow shoppers; Natascha Nanji takes us on a dizzying journey from Zoroastrianism to designer babies, all through the lens of the humble goldfish; Ethan Davison pleads repentance as a priest stalks a travelling circus in the desert; Maria McLintock reflects on her ancestral home of Ireland during the financial crisis; and Clay Cavender and Bex Liu use photography to capture a feeling that eschews simple definitions.

Released November 2019

The First

In our first issue, journalist Billy Briggs provides us with a dispatch from Pakistan on the country’s militant madrasas; Christopher Silver questions the benefits of so-called cultural capital in Dundee; Niyoshi Shah explores what universal design means for leprosy patients in India; Camilla Brown readjusts to life in the Pacific Northwest; Iva Yos sends letters from the future; David McAllister takes us on a wild goose chase in a corporate desert; Brett Walsh ruminates at home on the boundary between the real and created; and Rachel Sale takes inspiration from Jo Freeman through the veil of talking perfume bottles.

Released April 2019